Pilates for Golf starting on 15th May. Pilates has helped Tiger Woods, let it help you! 8 weeks only 140€. Read about the benefits here….

Want to improve your game?  Pilates can improve your swing.

Pilates is proven to improve the game of professional athletes from Masters to Wimbledon players.

World class golfers such as Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenson practice Pilates and the power in Woods’ swing has been linked to his ability to rotate his upper body while maintaining proper alignment.

·          Improve swing through core strength and flexibility

·          Increase range and control of efficient movement

·          Improved recovery time from sports injuries

·          Reduce number of sports injuries putting an end to bad movement patterns

·          Correction of misalignments
Rotational Sports Class starting Wednesday 15th May 2013 at 10:30am
(This is a Reformer Pilates Class)

8 week course €140 (advance booking and payment required)

How to book:
Simply call us at Pilates Performance Ireland on (01) 495 7797
Web www.PPIreland.com        Phone (01) 495 7797