Back to School Offer 2023

Back to School offer 2023

We have two exciting Back to School offers this August:

  • 10 Mat Classes plus 6 FREE classes….that’s 16 classes for the price of 10! ONLY: €140!

  • 6 Studio Classes ONLY: €69.50!

What are Studio classes all about?

In our Studio Pilates group classes we incorporate various equipment like the Trap Table, Wunda Chair, Reformer, Ped-a-Pull, and Barrels which offers a comprehensive and dynamic workout experience. Participants engage in a series of low-impact exercises that focus on improving core strength, flexibility, balance, and overall body alignment.

The Trap Table, also known as the Cadillac, provides a versatile platform for stretching, strengthening, and spinal decompression. The Wunda Chair challenges stability and coordination through a variety of seated and standing exercises. The Reformer offers resistance training using a sliding carriage and adjustable springs, targeting different muscle groups with controlled movements. The Ped-a-Pull is utilized for upper body strengthening, improves breathing and stretching.

Finally, the Barrel and Ladder Barrel, assist in enhancing posture, flexibility, and spinal mobility. In this class, participants move through a structured routine, guided by one of our teachers, to achieve a balanced, fun and effective full-body workout.  This class is suitable for beginners to advanced. Please note that the Studio classes commence on the Class Schedule from 11th September 2023

See video tour below of our Equipment Studio (3):

Terms & Conditions of Offers:
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer
  • Offer available online only.
  • Mat offer has a 6 month expiry, in which all classes must be used. This is not extendable for any reason
  • Studio offer has a 3 month expiry, in which all classes must be used. This is not extendable for any reason.
  • Non-transferrable.
  • Max 2 x PAX per person
  • Offer ends midnight 31st August 2023

Class Schedules

We have 65 classes per week at our award winning Rathfarnham Studio (Reformer, Mat and Studio classes-from 11th September 2023). Click button below to see full live studio class schedule.

Click here for full studio class schedule