Corporate Packages

Today all to many of us suffer from fatigue, being over weight, stiff sore joints and or muscles and stress to name a few. This in turn affects our ability to perform at work, resulting in underperformance at work and more sick days.
Are you spending your health and youth gaining your wealth, to eventually spend your wealth to regain your health?
In true Pilates Performance style we have a simple, affordable and flexible way for you and your employees to care of your health and wealth today.

When your company purchases a Corporate Package there is no max number of employees who can use the pack. The company can divide up the pack among its employees as it sees fit, or leave the pack open so employees may come and go as they please. Employees may pick and choose the classes of their choice from our full schedule of classes and book on line. With the corporate package classes are only e15.50
This package cannot be extended or frozen.
Min of 3 employees required.

Package options

30 classes €465
50 classes €775
150 classes €2,325
300 classes €4,650