Pilates Classes-Which Class Is For Me?


We recommend that you do at least one beginners class, whether you have done Pilates before or not, to ensure that you learn Pilates fundamentals and also how to use the Reformer if you choose a Reformer class.

Beginners Level 1

This level is suitable for newcomers to Pilates or those new to the reformer.

JumpBoard Reformer

JumpBoard Reformer Pilates provides a great cardio workout on the reformer without the unnecessary joint impact to boost your metabolism and increase your stength and flexibility. These classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels but are not recommended if you have problems with your back, knees or ankles.

Studio Class

The Multi Apparatus room combines the best Pilates has to offer. You will be working on a Refomer, A Wunda Chair, an Exo Chair, a Ladder Barrel, an Arc, a Trap Table, during a one hour studio programme tailored to you.

Reformer Beginners Course

Ideal for those who have not done Pilates or have done Mat Pilates previously.  Attending classes with the same group will help you to learn and develop the Pilates skill together, these courses develop over the weeks.  Reformer beginners classes are also available for those on flexi packages.

Mat Pilates Neck & Spine course

For anybody who suffers neck or back pain or has an injury or pathology. A great course to start your Pilates journey or to combine with the other classes you attend weekly. This is available as a course only.

Reformer Weight Loss Course

Weight loss for many can be as simple as switching the right button, the question is which button? Both exercise and the food we eat are of equal importance, both shall be address in this course.

Studio Class

This is a great course/ class where you get to work on all the Pilates Apparatus in a group class environment.

Reformer technique & Mastery

In Pilates the devil (or the desired results) is in the detail. Take this short course and really learn how to use your core, improve your posture and how to engage the correct muscle groups, then bring what you have learnt to your other classes – results fast!

Reformer Pilates for Golf

Improve your golf game, swing and win.  Put an end to golfers back strain and amaze your friends with better games.

Teachers Master Class

For qualified Pilates teachers only.  These courses will show you how to use all the Pilates Apparatus during a class.  We shall be using the Trap table, Reformer, Pedi pull, Core Align, wunda and exo chair, the traditional Mat wall unit and ladder barrel.

Teacher Master Reformer and Mat courses to help you deepen your knowledge and master your skill, see course dates for details on next Teachers Master class

Courses provided by Sarah MacLachlann 2nd generation Pilates Master, also known as the Teachers Teacher