Pilates Performance Intensive Education Mentorship (PPIEM)
(6 Month / 450 hour) Mentorship Programmes
New Programme Commences 9th September 2017

[Early Bird Payment option of 10% discount available until 9th August 2017]

Why choose a Pilates Performance Mentorship Programme?

  • PPIEM programme covers beginners to advanced levels at our Dublin Academy
  • Pilates Principles and basics
  • The PPIEM programme will teach you to be proficient with the ped-o-pull, neck strap, small props and all apparatus to ensure your success.
  • You will understand how to break down and modify each exercise.
  • You will learn common faulty movement patterns and what exercise to apply.
  • You will learn how to design classes for all levels, special populations and how to keep it fun.
  • How to motivate and keep your clients motivated and safe.
  • You will learn the classical repertoire and when and how to use modifications.
  • You will receive the following Balanced Body modules Mat 1 and 2, Reformer 1,2 and 3, Trap Table, wunda chair and barrels (total 8 modules).
  • PPIEM programme includes our unique Anatomy in your Hands module.
  • You have access to the studio for your own self practice and study.
  • In studio self-practice every week.
  • Work directly with Pilates Master Sarah MacLachlann.
  • At the end of the mentorship you will have all the tools necessary to be a proficient well respected Pilates teacher to start or grow your career options.

Who is the Mentorship for?

  • No previous experience is required, however some anatomy and Pilates experience is advisable.
  • If you are seeking a new or change of career and enjoy working with and helping others.
  • For those who are not fully Pilates trained or wish to re-train their skills
  • If you currently work in movement e.g. physiotherapist, osteopath, fitness instructor or yoga.
  • Or it may be just for you and your health, learn how to keep yourself strong and healthy.

Getting Started on your Pilates Teacher Training

Simply contact Pilates Performance to book your course (01-495 7797) or contact Sarah MacLachlann directly on

Please note spaces are limited on the PPIEM and early booking is strongly advised. The PPIEM programme runs two 6 month programmes a year. Normally in September/ October and March/ April.  For specific dates and times please see below or contact the studio or view website.

Course director Sarah MacLachlann (2nd generation Pilates Master and educator) looks forward to working with you.  Sarah MacLachlann, known as the teacher’s teacher, has certified 100’s of Pilates teachers and you get to work directly with her every week.

You can find the full list of courses on the Mentorship 2017 programme HERE