Become a Pilates Instructor

A Career in Pilates

To become an outstanding Pilates Instructor/ Teacher- or if you are looking to take control of your own body and health- your most important question will be who can help me achieve that?

We have a number of flexible pathways for you to start a new career as a Pilates Instructor at our Dublin Academy:

1. 5 Month Mentorship Programme

Our 5 month unique and comprehensive Pilates Teacher Mentorship Programme, covering the full suite of Pilates disciplines from Mat to Advanced Equipment. The next programme commences 11th September 2020. You can view and download the full Prospectus here: Mentorship Programme September 2020

2. Modular Day based Courses

These courses allow you to break up your training into Modular sessions e.g. Mat L1, Reformer L2, Trap Table etc which provides a far greater amount of flexibility over a longer period of time to suit your own lifestyle. You can view all upcoming Modular courses for 2018/2019 with content detail, on-line registration and payment HERE 

Our new Pilates Teacher Training schedule for 2020 is now available! Full details HERE

3. Two and Three Day Comprehensive Courses

This option allows you to complete a full service repertoire over a period of successive days e.g. Mat L 1,2 & 3; Reformer L 1,2 & 3. Full details are HERE

Once you have fully completed your Course/Module you will receive a globally recognised certification from our partners Balanced Body



“The verbal cueing and hands on cueing were very specific and each persons questions were answered” Esther Leahy

I was pretty nervous coming into the course but Sarah MacLachlanns approach and how she explained things made it more relaxed and easier to learn. The balanced body course was better than I expected” Andrew hogan

I felt Sarah MacLachlann was fantastic her description of the mechanics of the body was extremely helpful in making me understand how and why an exercise works” Bridget Farrell 

I am delighted I chose the balanced body course with Sarah MacLachlann . I extensively researched the courses available and I am confident I made the right choice” Bridget Farrell

Congratulations to all of our recent (March 2018) Mat L2 Students on completing your training; and a big thank you for all the positive feedback!

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