Sarah MacLachlann

Sarah MacLachlann is the founder of Pilates Performance. She opened her first class in Dundrum in 1990. Since then the business has expanded to a large number of locations around Dublin. Sarah has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and dedicated her career to Pilates after suffering an injury herself and discovering the benefits of the Pilates Method. She was awarded the title of 2nd generation Pilates Master and educator in 2003 and continues to educate herself and pass that knowledge to her students and clients. Sarah also holds the prestigious “Passing the Torch” qualification. She is the only person in Ireland to hold this qualification, putting her at the top of her field worldwide. Sarah’s expertise is much sought after and she is proud to be the educator of many Pilates trainers in Ireland, who have moved on to open their own studios and enhance their careers.

Currently Sarah is the only person providing Clinical Pilates in its true sense “As people are becoming more aware of this service and its benefits there is a great demand for it, with my clinical clients 80-90% of their pain is alleviated within 4 to 6 sessions – it’s truly amazing”. Sarah MacLachlann’s study of Pilates commenced in the traditional way in 1996, where she attended classes with a variety of Pilates trainers in the USA, as there were very few official Pilates schools at the time. Between 1990 and 1996 she had designed a very successful class for people with injuries. During that same period she completed her Law degree, working in the area of Asset Management, however, Pilates was her true calling, so she resigned from law and focused on Pilates. Sarah chose to train with the best Pilates companies and continues to do so. She has completed the full repertoire of Pilates with both phi Pilates and Balance Body. She has also completed her clinical study of Pilates with Polestar, which includes advanced assessment, Neurological rehabilitation, advanced spine, pathokinesiology and gait. Additional study with Polestar include rotational sports, dancers, gymnasts etc

Sarah is also the only person qualified on the CoreAlign, designed by an Israeli physiotherapist (the CoreAlign is unique to Pilates Performance studio)