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Sarah MacLachlann:


Hi, I am Sarah MacLachlann the founder of Pilates Performance Ireland. I opened my first classes in Ireland in 1990. Since then the business expanded to a large number of locations around Dublin. I have worked in the fitness and movement industry for over 30 years with a keen interest in injuries and pathologies. My business was built out of empathy for myself and others suffering from pain some 30 years ago.  I created an exercise class (similar idea to Pilates) as this was the time of the aerobic boom. I built up 42 weekly classes while also working full time in a legal firm, asset management (Law degree). When I discovered Pilates, this was my “AHA” moment.  In 2002 I resigned from law and dedicated my career to Pilates.

No one knew what Pilates was in Ireland at this time. My goal was to inform customers and to provide them with real solutions and to bridge the gap between Physio’s, GP’s and surgeons and the exercise industry, today referrals in Ireland are now common place, so too are Pilates Studios.


Due to the growing demand Ireland now required more qualified Pilates teachers and so I became a Pilates educator some 18 years ago.  In 2008 I became a Master Trainer with Balanced Body (I have certified Physiotherapists, the Defence Forces, Cirque du Soleil, Fitness Teachers, among others) and have presented at Pilates conferences, TV and radio interviews.

At Pilates Performance Studio we run approx. 70 classes a week, provide in house education courses, Workshops, and Clinical Pilates. (Sarah regularly works with scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, fibromyalgia, pre/post-surgery, sport injuries/ enhanced performance, respiratory problems, among many others).  Since covid-19 we provided all services and education online and in Studio.


Key Milestones:

All Star Business Accreditation (Lifetime business achievement award). Sarah MacLachlann is the sole holder of this award.

Achieving top global standards, Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification.

Balanced Body Master Trainer, commonly known in Ireland as “the Pilates teachers, teacher”

Sarah holds the prestigious Polestar “Passing the Torch” qualification. She is the only person in Ireland to hold this qualification (which includes advanced assessment, Neurological rehabilitation, advanced spine, pathokinesiology and gait. Additional study with Polestar include rotational sports, dancers, gymnasts etc. She continues to travel every year around the world to attend conferences and to stay connected to the global industry.)

Sarah was awarded the title of 2nd generation Pilates Master and educator in 2003 and continues to educate herself and pass that knowledge to her staff, students and clients.

Sarah is also the only person qualified on the CoreAlign, designed by an Israeli physiotherapist (the CoreAlign is unique to Pilates Performance studio)

“I am very proud to have played an integral role in growing the Pilates industry in Ireland.  (approx. 8/9 years ago there were 5/6 studios in Ireland, today there are hundreds throughout the country). This has resulted in much employment and people opening their own business (Studios) or adding services/ growth to their current business e.g. physio clinics etc.  I have provided many of these Studio owners with ongoing business and marketing advice.”

Sarah MacLachlann