Client Reviews

Testimonial for 30 day challenge

“OMG, I’m only two weeks into the Pilates Performance challenge and I’ve already lost 8lb’s, my sleep is a thousand times better and my bum and ab’s just WOW. I think this is the best thing I have ever done, even my blood results have improved! I absolutely love going to Pilates Performance, I’m really bad at committing to stuff like this and used to dread the gym but this just works and I love my friends saying, wow Vanessa you look amazing”

Vanessa Murphy

Vanessa Murphy 30 Day Body Challenge

Francesca Lazzini

Being a doctor, I have always heard about the benefits about pilates but had never actually practiced it. I book my first consultation with Sarah at Pilates Performance because of scoliosis. I can safely say that I am a convert! Sarah and everyone at Pilates Performance have changed my idea of what Pilates can do for you. Not only can it improve posture and strengthen your core, but it has certainly helped me with my back issues. My back pain has resolved and I now look and feel leaner and stronger. Each workout is specifically targeted to meet your needs! My idea of Pilates and the benefits have been broadened, it is a wonderful, challenging and fun way to push your body in the the good sense! A big thank you to Sarah and everyone at Pilates Performance. I can’t praise them enough!

Dr. Udim Damachi

Testimonial Neck & Spine

I was advised by my physio to try Pilates, having had trouble for several years with a disc problem, which caused hip and low back pain, To begin with I did a few individual classes, however once I attended the first six week, Neck & Spine course, I realised the benefit of pilates, particularly with Sarah Machlann.

I have been attending the Neck and Spine course with Sarah since Nov 2015, once per week for the last nine months. In that time I have not needed a Physio once.

The class is done in a very thoughtful slow manner. Sarah pays great attention to your anatomy and explains very clearly why certain areas of your body get strained or are difficult to activate.

Sarah’s explanations mean, you do each exercise in a thoughtful and methodical way. This brings great flexibility and movement following the class. The clarity of the explanations were very helpful to me; it was concise and clear. I rarely had to look at Sarah as I did the exercises, I could follow her instructions with my eyes closed and concentrate on the movement.

I found Sarah’s experience as a teacher and way of communicating very clear and I would highly recommend the Neck and Spine class with Sarah, to anyone seeking help with a neck or spine problem.

I hope this is useful…feel free to edit out what ever you want but I hope my message is clear. I learned so much about managing my my own neck and spine from you!

Thank you

Catherine McIntyre

I completed Mat 1 & 2 training with Sarah earlier this year. Having had no experience other than attending Pilates classes as a student, I was nervous about gaining enough information during the training weekends to be able to teach students myself. I was amazed by how much I learnt during the training however and the best thing is that finishing the course hours with Sarah doesn’t mean you’re left to fend for yourself. I’ve been in touch with Sarah a number of times since I started doing my teaching practice hours and she is always happy to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend training with her!

Clare Coughlan

As a Pilates Instructor and a Pilates Studio Owner myself, I would highly recommend Sarah MacLachlann in PPI as a wonder Pilates Instructor and for an instructor like me her Teacher Training workshops are invaluable to my own continuing professional development. Sarah’s knowledge and experience as a 2nd Generation Pilates Master is just incredible and it’s an honour to be invited to workshops at Sarah’s lovely studio and to learn from one of the best in the business.

Orna Carr, Ratoath Fitness

I thoroughly enjoyed the mentorship programme in Pilates Performance Ireland. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in clinical and rehabilitation Pilates. The course is invaluable due to the amount of experience gained teaching, self mastery hours available and working one to one with a master of Pilates. Both Sarah’s guidance and expertise are at hand and readily available to each mentoree and this is what helps make an instructor a great instructor. The use of all apparatus is crucial to each teacher after each module and this is of extreme benefit to the mentoree. There is no other course out there that offers such quality of practice, learning and insight.

Joanne Duffy

After years of suffering from misaligned hips and scoliosis since my mid teens, visiting numerous doctors and physiotherapists left nothing but a hopeless feeling of my condition, until I read a lot of testimonies of people with similar issues. A few weeks in and my life completely changed for the better. Feeling and seeing the incredible results I became addicted, upping my classes to five times a week, becoming so passionate it seemed only natural to become a teacher. Having now completed my mentorship program with Sarah, I look forward to developing my skills further, alongside the most qualified Pilates mentor in Ireland.

Jade Hickey

I am a studio owner and pilates teacher and I have often chosen Sarah and PPI to continue my pilates education. I have enjoyed and learned so much through Sarah and her knowledge. I have also made a good friend within the pilates world.

Jean Wilcox