What Is Pilates?

Pilates is simply……..
Strength and Flexibility with CONTROL

“Pilates” is the creators name, Joe H. Pilates, he named his method “Contrology” meaning the “science of Control”

Joe Pilates goal was to create a Method for health and fitness, an overall health system and not just an exercise, one should note that this was before physiotherapy and big gyms were around.

Pilates ideally should first be learned by attending one-on-one sessions with a qualified teacher (in the full Pilates Method).  It is after all your body and for best results the devil is in the detail.  And then you move on to group classes.

Pilates classes can be slow paced and as you get stronger and gain experience they can be extremely tough and fast paced. The benefits of Pilates can be appreciated by all.

Pilates is for everyBODY.  “whatever you do, sit at a desk all day, play golf, attend the gym, rugby, pre/post surgery…..Pilates is suitable for you. I often describe Pilates as, the required strong roots to your health and fitness, just like an oak tree, you need strong roots” Sarah MacLachlann

Pilates is much more than just an exercise regime.  It teaches you how to move and where to move your body from, for example have you ever done tummy crunches and suffered neck pain, with no or little improvement to your abs? Or are you a golfer who suffers from low back pain?  In Pilates an experienced trainer will teach you how to move your body correctly.  Once you move correctly you get those great abs and those workout results that you desire.  You can also expect to reduce a lot of pain by now moving your body correctly – a double benefit.  It is for the latter reason why the Pilates Method continues to be endorsed by physiotherapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, surgeons and GPs.

At Pilates Performance we first look at your joint movement and congruency, then we consider muscle imbalances, your programme is then designed around what your body requires, resulting in a tall lean posture, reduced physical and mental stress, defined abs, arms, legs etc.  A true overall body workout.

“Pilates and Weight Loss”

We love to do things that help us with weight loss. Every little bit counts. Adding weight to your workout will increase the amount of energy you expend on the exercise and that will increase calorie burning. Again, if you wish to discuss any aspect of your Pilates with us, just ask one of our instructors!

“How many classes should I do a week?”

At Pilates Performance, we recommend that you do a minimum of 2 classes a week. For those who don’t lead a very active life style, 3 classes a week would be recommended, and of course, one class is week is better than no classes at all!

“Should you choose Pilates on the Mat or the Reformer?”

Pilates Performance is a Full Service Pilates Studio. While the benefits of doing Pilates on the Mat or the Reformer are essentially the same, eg. working from the deep intrinsic muscles (improving posture, joint congruency, alleviating joint/muscle pain) out to the larger muscles (slim firm abs, toned and sculpted arms and legs, muscle definition, etc..), we recommend that you aim to do both the Mat and the Reformer classes. Joseph Pilates created equipment such as the Reformer to improve our performance on the Mat, which would then improve our quality of life and appearance, or improve our sport. It is best to use all Pilates options, not to pick and choose between Mat or Reformer, but to use all the Pilates options really works best. If you are still unsure, the best thing is to try a Mat class and a Reformer class, and see how you feel and over time, add other Pilates options to enhance your results.